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Sponsorship Announcement

Thunder and Lighting is excited to announce our sponsorship of Canadian Rally Championship team Rally4Life with Aurora off-road and scene lighting solutions.


Rally4Life car with original old school off-road lights


After damaging his original lights in a rally race in Merritt BC, team driver Mark Jennings-Bates set out to find high quality off-road lights with the brightness and durability required to survive the abuses of the rally racing environment. A review of the Aurora lighting specs and manufacturing standards showed Mark that these lights would not only meet, but exceed his requirements and the two year manufacturer warranty along with excellent reviews from previous customers gave him the confidence that they would perform and last.  

Thunder & Lighting has now supplied the Rally4Life team with a 30” D1 double row light bar, which has a stronger mounting bracket design, for the front of their car and a pair of Scene work lights to light up the onsite service area.

Upon receiving the shipment Mark wrote us back saying:

“The lights arrived today, thank you. Very impressed with the quality right out of the box. Everything looks good and we will go through the install in the next month or so. “

So as the rally4Life team works over the winter to get the car ready for the March 2020 season start, we will wait in anticipation to see how the car turns out and wish Mark and team Rally4Life every success in the New Year.