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5-Pin Laser Etched Rocker Switches

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These LED rocker switch provides simple on and off function for a variety of applications.  All the symbols are laser etched directly onto the switch face to ensure image detail and long life.  These switches have 2 LEDs to independently illuminate the top and bottom of the switch face and can be wired to illuminate at specific switch positions. We have many designs to accommodate Cars, Trucks, SUV, Jeeps, ATV, UATV and many more!  


  • 20 Amp 12 Volt On-Off LED Rocker Switch
  • Pin Setup - 5 Pin
  • Single Pole ON-OFF Switch
  • Laser Etched
  • Design - Black Hard Surface Rocker
  • Surface Size: 2" Inch x 1" Inch
  • Standard Size Mounting Hole: 1.41" Inch x .86" Inch
  • Function: Upper Light is ON when switch is pressed up
  • Lower LED is Independent and can be wired to separate dash circuit
  • Both LED's have separate grounds
  • No Rear Barriers Between Terminals
What You Receive With This Product
  • One 5-pin ON-OFF laser etched rocker switch
  • One set of jumper wires for the most common wiring configuration
  • One Year Limited Warranty

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